Role: Art Direction & Concept
Agency: SDWM
Client: Flinders University


↳ An immersive activation custom-built for Flinders University students, our ‘Virtual Verdict’ enabled prospective law students to analyse and assess a virtual reality case study. 

Launched at the Flinders Law open day, we created an experience for students to test their knowledge. Through a timed scenario designed to test and evaluate levels of knowledge and understanding, participants were able to solve a case and receive insight into the contributing factors that lead to a certain outcome. From rules and regulations to third-party individuals each piece of evidence tested students and made them question their verdict, the same type of engaging and fundamental learning students can expect from a law degree at Flinders University.
The activation generated a large attendance to the open day and became a highlight for students. Virtual Verdict continues to be an entertaining and educational component for the Flinders University Law Faculty.

Flinders Uni TALL-1
Flinders Uni SMALL-1
Flinders Uni BIG-3
Flinders Uni SMALL-2

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