Role: Art Direction & Concept
Agency: Clemenger BBDO
Client: Great Northern Brewing Co


↳ Great Northern Brewing Co. Wanted a new social media campaign to drive engagement, and remind people that they're the beer of choice for the Great Northern lifestyle. 

Enter the 'Catch a Fish Foundation'. An important initiative created to help the useless fishermen of Australia land a catch or two. People could nominate their unlucky mate or even themselves, to win a hand getting their numbers up, with a Great Northern in hand.

The campaign earned record online participation for the brand, and the winner even managed to catch a fish.


"Hi guys just wanna nominate my best mate Aaron Aldridge. After sleeping through one of the hottest reef fishing sessions ever then coming up donuts on a 3 day trip away i think its high time he got some professional help. Thanks" 

↳ @John Falls

"Adrian Kuhn its no lack of trying he has a lovely boat and puts in all the time he just cant get fish in that ice box its getting harder to listen to how the tides the wind the spot the colour of his neighbors car everything effects why he doesn't catch fish. Lovely guy just should of taken up golf... please take him."

↳ @Jason Benton

"@Guy Shipman @Tim Tilse nominate Justin Shipman. I've never heard more excuses from one bloke for not landing a big snapper then him." 

↳ @Marley Trivett

"Alex Hill needs more than help, this pore bloke is a battler when it comes to loosing hundreds of dollars worth of gear a weekend but still tries to keep the dream alive of one day catching something with fins that swims in the water!"

↳ @Aaron Tumblrboy Walters

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